Slide Collection at the North Adams Public Library

Currently our slide collection is composed of approximately 700 slides. They may be viewed upon request, but are not available for circulation. If a copy or print is desired, please contact the Special Collections Librarian. While they are not individually catalogued, the subdivisions are as follows:


Box 1:

          These slides were taken in the 1970s, after the demolition of the south side of Main Street, Bank Street, etc. 


Eagle Street

Fire (of a particular house on River Street),

Fort Massachusetts site

Interviews (people interviewed by the project)


Main Street


Mt. Greylock

Noel Field


Box 2:

          These are additional slides from the same series.

The Oasis

Overview (aerial or hilltop views)



Town Views


Views (yet to be identified)

Windsor Lake

Misc (yet to be identified)


Box 3:

       Group 1 & 2:  These slides came to us from private individuals.  They are slides of original images of historic interest.

Flood (which one yet to be determined)

Hoosac Tunnel (mostly during construction. We have originals of most of these)

Group 3: William Kirby Collection (donated by North Adams Historical Society)

- Slides of part of the North Adams Artery Arcade Project, pre-1958 to post-1959