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Compiled by Gary Smith, MLS ~ May 2003

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Total 1.1 cubic feet

NOTE: The Hoosac Tunnel Centennial Committee was founded in 1971. 
In 1973 it became the Hoosac Tunnel Historical Association.
 It was commonly referred to by either name, and had the same personnel.

NOTE: The following items of correspondence, photographs, and other miscellany all came from the collection of Ruth Browne, acquired in relation to her position as secretary of both organizations. They arrived in, and still occupy, 2 document boxes RT #2 and RT #3, 15.5 x 10.5 x 5 inches and 12 x 10 x 5 inches, respectively,   (i.e., 10 linear inches combined), and a third box RB #4 of .285 cubic feet.)

Brochures for the Hoosac Tunnel Centennial. [RB #2]

Brochures for (proposed) Hoosac Tunnel Museum (funds appropriated 1979). [RB #2]

Buttons (1 box) for Hoosac Tunnel Centennial 1873-1973.  [RB #4]

Envelopes with logo of for Hoosac Tunnel Centennial 1873-1973. [RB #2]

Fitchburg Railroad Hoosac Tunnel Route (train schedule June 5, 1899), many copies of it (probably printed 1973). [RB #2]

Guest book for the Hoosac Tunnel Centennial. [RB #2]

Hats (x2) from Hoosac Tunnel Centennial.  [RB #4]

Hoosac Tunnel Centennial Committee. (1 file)  Newsclipppings.  [RB #3]

Hoosac Tunnel Centennial Materials-- Correspondence & Misc.-- Ruth Browne. (1 file) File and its title created in 2003 for materials found in RB #2. Consists of correspondence (1970-1977) and various snippets. [RB #2]

Hoosac Tunnel Centennial-- Slide Show Notes [Ruth Browne collection]. (1 file) File and its title created in 2003 for materials found in RB #2 and RB #3. [RB #2]

Hoosac Tunnel Centennial tape (used to blow fire alarm whistles). [RB #3]

Letter from John Barzan to Ruth Browne, May 15, 1979. (About the proposed Hoosac Tunnel Museum.)  [Ruth Brown collection; formerly in a separate envelope, along with item 2002-1-59.  Now in a file in document box with Hoosac Tunnel Centennial and Post-Centennial Materials.] [2002-1-58] [RB #2]

Letter from John Barzan to Ruth Browne, May 20, 1979.  (Contains three xeroxes after  prints  made from glass negatives that Barzan donated to the Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittsfield, Massachusettts.) [Ruth Brown collection; formerly in a separate envelope, along with item 2002-1-58.  Now in a file in document box with Hoosac Tunnel Centennial and Post-Centennial Materials.] [2002-1-59] [RB #2]

Letters.  (1 manila file).  [Title of file: "Letters".  On front of this file is written: "Re: Centennial Celebration, Nov. 27, 1973.  Re: Awarding of plaque from Civil Engineers."] Contains:  letter (1972) from Ruth Browne to Howard [B. D'Amico] about her check for buttons and cards sold; letter (1972) from Robert C. Sprague to Howard B. D'Amico (treasurer of Hoosac Tunnel Centennial Committee) about contribution; list of some contributors; xerox of governor Francis W. Sargent's proclamation of Hoosac Tunnel Day (Oct. 6, 1973); copy of a page of Congressional Record Oct.4, 1973 about the Hoosac Tunnel centennial; letter from Ruth Browne, Secretary, to Hoosac Tunnel Historical Association Treasurer, July 27, 1976.   [RB #3]

Photograph of Ruth Browne, mayor Joseph R. Bianco, and Anthony Talarico (chairman of the Hoosac Tunnel Centennial Committee) with plaque held by Gary Brierly, in 1976. (8 x 10") [Formerly filed in the HT Centennial Committee manila folder in RB #3. Now in a separate file created in 2003 Hoosac Tunnel Centennial: Photo of Ruth Brown,…, along with a note by Gary Smith (May 2003) citing the newspaper article where their names may be found with this photo.]  [2002-1-62] [RB #3]
Photographs taken on Oct. 6, 1973 centennial train (in envelope marked "Gift of Daniel P. Connerton").  [RB #2]

Plaque (framed) given to Hoosac Tunnel Committee from the All-American City Committee, North Adams, Massachusetts, 20th April, 1974.  [2002-1-63] [RB #3]

Posters for the Hoosac Tunnel Centennial Special (i.e., train ride through tunnel Oct. 6, 1973). [RB #2]

Secretary's notes.  (1 manila file). Contains secretary's (Ruth Browne's) notes of meetings 2/11/1974 to 7/27/1976.  Also contains two xerox copies of a hand-drawn street map to the tunnel; receipts; list of local people who have shown interest in the Hoosac Tunnel Centennial; unlabeled recent snapshots at train;  xerox of article "The Great Bore" by Richard Sanders Allen; xerox of Hoosac Tunnel Historical Association incorporation diploma (Nov. 9, 1973); corrrespondence relating to Hoosac Tunnel Historical Association and Hoosac Tunnel Centennial Committee (which share same address), including 8 letters from persons having relatives or friends who worked on the tunnel; letter from Carl Byron (1972) to Ruth Browne about pictures he borrowed for his book; two newspaper clippings from Springfield Republican dealing with "spirits" in the Hoosac Tunnel; xerox of article "A Tale of Two Tunnels" by Jerry A. Pinkepank; typed draft of History of the Hoosac Tunnel, by E.S. Martin 1878; names of miners killed. [RB #3]

Souvenir spoon owned by the late Faith Corley. [RB #2]

Tickets to the Hoosac Tunnel Centennial Special train trip through the tunnel, October 6, 1973.  [RB #2]

Tickets of Hoosac Tunnel Museum Society, for ride though tunnel Oct. 31, 1981. [RB #2]

WMNB audio recording of the Hoosac Tunnel Plaque dedication 27 Nov. 1973. [RB #2]