North Adams, Mass. 01247

Compiled by Gary Smith, MLS ~ May 2003

(c) 2003 North Adams Public Library


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  Letters (1875-1951)
  Newpaper Clippings and            Articles, etc. 
  Video Recordings
  Hoosac Tunnel Centennial       and Post-Centennial              Materials


Scrapbooks (bound, cataloged in NAPL OPAC as of May 2003)

Hoosac Tunnel scrapbook.  [ca. 1925?]
LOCATION     North Adams Vault     CALL # 385 HOOSAC  STATUS STORAGE
Description    [8] leaves : ill. ; 27 cm.
Note    Newspaper clippings pasted onto lined notebook paper in loose-leaf notebook.
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings of articles on the Hoosac Tunnel. Includes installment nos. 4, 8, 9, 11, and 12 of "'North Adams and Tunnel Days', a history of the great work compiled by William B. Browne of North Adams", other articles and pictures.
Alt author    Browne, William Bradford, b. 1875. North Adams and tunnel days.

North Adams Transcript clippings, February 9, 1888 through April 7, 1896 : [a scrapbook]  Compiled by Joseph Le Roy Harrison. 1888-1896.
LOCATION      North Adams Vault  CALL # 974.44 HARRISON     STATUS STORAGE
Description    1 v. (unpaged) ; 24 cm. Note    Title from typed label comprising title page. Subtitle supplied by cataloger.
Newspaper clippings pasted into purchased scrapbook.
Includes handwritten index to articles on the Hoosac Tunnel.
Alt author    Harrison, Joseph Le Roy, 1862-
Add title    North Adams transcript (North Adams, Mass. : Weekly)

ARTICLES (bound, cataloged in NAPL OPAC as of May 2003)

Allen, Richard Sanders, 1917-.  The great bore.  Illustrated by Jim Shaughnessy. [Milwaukee, Wis. : Kalmbach?], 1960.  2 copies.
LOCATION     North Adams Vault  CALL # 385 ALLEN   STATUS  STORAGE
LOCATION     North Adams Vault  CALL # 385 ALLEN C.2  STATUS STORAGE
Description    p. 18-26 : ill., map ; 29 cm.
Note    Caption title.
Detached from June 1960 issue of Trains.

Below are miscellaneous materials found as manila files.
Arranged alphabetically, except for 13 files that all belong together under Hoosac Tunnel (sv. last item below) and occupy a box in a separate filing cabinet.
Inclusive dates 1870-1981
(20 linear inches.)

Hoosac Tunnel. (1 file) [VF]
(a) news clippings & xeroxes of news clippings (1870 to 1977; most
    (b) magazine articles
    (c) List of 1873 Massachusetts hearings on railroads leading from Boston to
Hoosac Tunnel (one typed sheet).
(d) Script from 1965 Canadian broadcast corp.
Hoosac Tunnel Centennial. (1 file) [VF]
 (a) News clippings (1870, 1924, bulk1970s).
(b) 2 copies of Carl R. Byron, A Pinprick of Light (1978) (of which one is a xerox).
©  H.T. Accident Victims (envelope with statistics, & modern printouts of articles in various newspapers during construction).

Hoosac Tunnel Contemporary Materials, etc.  (1 file)  Contains xeroxes and typed copies of articles, and one newspaper clipping; 1873-1912; also list of deaths during construction; Fitchburg RR Hoosac Tunnel Routes 1889; xerox of map "Take the Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington Railroad, shortest and most direct route to the Green Mountains and southern Vermont". [VF]

Hoosac Tunnel Ghost Legends.  (1 file) A few pages from articles, of which one is a page from Carl Byron's book A Pinprick of Light. [VF]

Hoosac Tunnel --Newspaper article "Fifty Years Ago".  (1 file with clipping). No date or newspaper title visible, but must be 1976. [VF]

Hoosac Tunnel-- Newspaper Clippings (More): 1887, 1886, 1970s. (1 file) [VF]

Hoosac Tunnel- Nitroglycerin Use. (1 file) [VF]

Hoosac Tunnel-- Railroad passes. (1 file) 2 R.R. passes. [VF]

George Mobray.  (1 file) (xeroxes of articles about George Mobray). [VF]

Hoosac Tunnel (13 files meant to be kept together along with other research materials for the publication Historic Documentaion report for Western Gateway Heritage State Park. (March 31, 1981), prepared by Storch Associates for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts;  all contain xeroxes of other materials, mostly of photos & articles). [VF]    Files are labeled:
Drilling and Boring. (contains photos & articles)
East Portal. (photos with captions)
Electrification. (photos with captions)
Elevators (Central Shaft). (photos with captions)
Explosives. (photos, accident list [not all], instructions)
Notable People. (photos; and obituary of Thomas Doane)
Politics. (title pages by F.W. Bird, and some legislative material)
Promotion and Advertisement.
Surveying.  (notes from a manuscript by E.A. Bond: the original bound manuscript is
FIC HT 62 "E.A. Bond-- Hoosac Tunnel No Adams--Mass.", in HT #4)
Trains. (photos with captions)
Tunnel Misc. (articles, photos)
West Portal. (photos with captions)
West Shaft. (photos with captions)