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Compiled by Gary Smith, MLS ~ May 2003

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  Letters (1875-1951)
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  Hoosac Tunnel Centennial       and Post-Centennial              Materials


BOX 4: Additions from the
Ruth Blackinton Browne Collection

Compied by Dawn Morin

Folder 1

  • Illustrations of Hoosac Tunnel 3 1/2 x 4 (9)
  • Charles A. BROWNE & Bros. Business Type Cards (3)
  • Original Instruction Sheet to be Observed by Miners or others in Using Nitro Glycerin
  • Document of damages to A.G. BROWN property from sand from Hoosac Tunnel being washed on to his property. Dated May 4, 1970.
  • Bio on Patrick GRAY who wrote “In the Tunnel,” the theme song for the Hoosac Tunnel Museum in North Adams. July 1980.
  • Misc. handwritten notes on Tunnel.
  • January 4, 1927 News Article of “Mrs. Sweeley Tells of her Tunnel Trip.” Turner Falls resident was first woman through “bore” on April 6, 1875.
  • Speech of William B. BROWNE to the Chamber of Commerce in 1924. “Tunnel Days in the Tunnel City.”
Folder 2
  • News Clipping of “A Visit to the Hoosac Tunnel” dated August 29, 1865. Source not identified.
  • Misc. Handwritten Notes and Letters
  • Copy of an excerpt from the “History of the Explosives Industry in America” by Arthur Pine VAN GELDER and Hugo SCHLATTER – New York Columbia University Press in 1927.
  • Letter of the Office of the United States Blasting Oil Co., 32 Pine Street, New York, to A.H. Bullock, Governor of Massachusetts, April 14, 1868. “…the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is pirating upon the Patents of Alfred NOBLE for the use of Nitro Glycerin as a substitute for gun powder purchased and owned by the U.S. Blasting Oil Co.
  • Reprint of Transcript news article dated March 5, 1924 – “What Hoosac Tunnel Looked Like More than Half a Century Ago – Anniversary of Tunnel Completion Celebrated by Banquet.”

Folder 3

  • Newspaper Article “Myths and the Hoosac Tunnel – Incorrect ideas about construction remain alive.” From The Recorder, Greenfield, MA November 30, 1999.
  • Newspaper article “Hoosac Tunnel opening marked in ceremonies at library here.” Date and source unknown.
  • Copies of Programs on Hoosac Tunnel Discussion given on May 7, 2000 and presented by North Adams Historical Society and the North Adams Public Library.
  • Copies of “Hoosac Tunnel Days” by Isaac S. BROWNE, “Accidents in the News and Accident Victims” from the Adams Transcript and Hoosac Valley News 1859-1878.
Folder 4
  • Hoosac Tunnel Centennial 1873-1973 includes misc. commerative items and Visitor Register to Hoosac Tunnel Exhibit at the North Adams Public Library.

Folder 5

  • Original Transcript News Article dated March 5, 1924 “What Hoosac Tunnel Looked Like More than Half a Century Ago.” Anniversary of Tunnel Completion Fittingly Celebrated by Banquet. Chanmber of Commerce Sponsors Enjoyable Evening in Richmond Hotel. History of North Adams’ Greatest Project Well Told by Speakers. (3 originals).
Folder 6
  • Profile and rendering of the “ Hoosac Mountain on Tunnel Line of the Troy & Greenfield Railroad” by B.W. THAYER & Co.; A.F. EDWARDS, Engineer.

Folder 7

  • Office of Chas. A. Browne & Bro., Manufacturers of Patent Electric Blasting Apparatus, Insulated Wire, & C. – TESTIMONIAL.