Permission to Publish Policy

The Permission to Publish form includes the following information, to be signed by both the responsible party representing the item user, and the Archivist, Special Collections Librarian, or Director of the North Adams Public Library. By signing the form, the responsible party agrees to the following:

I/we understand that this contract grants permission for one time, non-exclusive use of the materials listed above, and that any different or subsequent use must be applied for in writing. Costs accrued by the library as a result of this request shall be paid by the requestor. In addition, a use fee may be charged for each commercial or for-profit use of photographic, audio-visual or any other graphical materials or images from the North Adams Public Library’s Special Collections.

I/we understand that materials used for exhibition, publication or broadcast must be credited: “Courtesy of the North Adams Public Library, North Adams, Mass.”

I/we agree to supply the North Adams Public Library with two copies of the book, periodical, film, audiotape, videotape, or any other work (including promotional materials) in which materials owned by the Library are used.

I/we understand that the library does not claim to control the copyright for all materials in the collection. The publishing, exhibiting or broadcasting party assumes all responsibility for clearing reproduction rights and for any infringement of United States copyright law. The library has no readily available information concerning the existence and/or whereabouts of copyright holders.

I/we understand that the library reserves the right to refuse permission for the use or reproduction of materials when such restrictions have been specified by a donor.

I/we agree to defend, indemnify, and save and hold harmless the City of North Adams, the North Adams Public Library, and their employees or designates, from any and all costs, expense, damage and liability arising because of any claim whatsoever which may be presented by anyone for loss or damage or other relief occasioned or caused by the release of said items to the undersigned and their use in any manner, including their inspection, publication, reproduction,duplication or printing by anyone for any purpose whatsoever.

Your signature below indicates you have read and will comply with this contract.