Internet & Computer Use

The North Adams Public Library offers access to the Internet in response to advances in technology and the changing needs of the community. While offering this service, the library has no control over the information on the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content or accuracy. Parents are responsible for their child’s access to this information source, as they are with other library materials.

The following policies will be enforced to make the library a safe environment for both children and adults to use the Internet:

  • Computer lab terminals are available with a CWMARS library card or 15-minute guest pass. Patrons must know their library card number and PIN.
  • All patrons must agree to the published ‘Internet Use Policy.’
  • Use of the library’s Internet workstations are restricted to one 90-minute session per day. Chromebooks are available for two-hour sessions but  not configured for printing.
  • All Internet workstations are intended for reference, research, and email.
  • Email is available through the web and only through your own account.
  • Each computer workstation prints black and white copies to the Adult Circulation Desk. The cost of printing is $.15/page for B&W  and $.30 for color. Payment is made at the Adult Circulation Desk when picking up print jobs.
  • Only one person is allowed at a computer at a time.
  • While library staff is happy to assist users in accessing the Internet, users are responsible for their own searches. Staff cannot provide in-depth personal training on a daily basis in the use of the Internet.
  • Please report any problems with the Internet workstations to library staff.

Patrons may NOT

  • download material to the hard drive of the public computers but may download to USB or writable disc.
  • access pornographic material
  • attempt to make changes or tamper with any software or hardware on the computer
  • interfere with the privacy and use of other patron’s Internet time
  • disseminate personal identification information regarding minors

The library reserves the right to end an Internet session.  Violation of this policy will result in a three month suspension of your privileges.  A second violation of this policy will result in the loss of your privileges permanently.