Fee Schedule

User Fees

Free access to information found in a variety of formats in essential to the library’s mission, but there are limits to what the library can provide free of charge. Fees are charged to recoup the costs associated with providing alternative, enhanced, or special services which tend to benefit one library user at the exclusion of others, or which prevent the re-use of the information or material provided. Non-traditional services include, but are not limited to, meeting room use, copies from microfiche and microfilm, photocopies, computer printouts, scanning services, faxing and other forms of delivery, image reproductions, shipping and insurance, and research services.

Other than self-service photocopying and/or microform and computer printouts, all requests for such services must be submitted in writing (via postal service or email) well in advance of the date such services or materials are needed. Due to limited staff time available, we cannot accept rush orders. Requests will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis.

Cost recovery fees are based on any or all of the following: Average staff time associated with the service, cost of materials consumed, and overhead costs. The following services are charged the stated fee:


Library card: free to Massachusetts residents and those who work or go to school in Massachusetts
Library card – out of state & temporary users per family: $ 20.00 per year
Computer use – free with library card or photo ID (see policy)
Replacement Library card $ 2.00
Microform printout by researcher: $ 0.25 each
Photocopies: $ 0.15 each
Computer printouts: $ 0.15 per page
Faxing Services: $3.00 for the 1st page, then $1.00 for each additional page

Reference and Research : Checks should be made out to the “North Adams Public Library”

Single quick lookup, such as a single obituary with date given: $ 3.00 incl. 1 printout
Additional research: $ 24.00 per hour in 15 min. increments
Scanned images or pages (specify color or B&W and dpi in advance): $ 10.00 each
B&W printout, plain paper – no additional charge
B&W printout, photo paper – additional $1.00
Color printout, plain paper: additional $1.00
Color printout, photo paper: additional $2.00
Delivery via email (if file is not too large): no additional charge
Delivery via CD-ROM: additional $5.00, includes mailing costs
Photographic reprints: Cost of negative and new print; we keep negative
Interlibrary loan postage (if applicable) Actual cost

Should any requested items be reproduced in print, video, electronic or other format, user must request permission in writing from the Reference Librarian. See our Permission to Publish form.

Checks in payment of fees should be made out to the North Adams Public Library and sent to the attention of the North Adams Public Library, 74 Church St., North Adams, MA 01247.