Miscellaneous Original Documents & Manuscripts



Item 1: Invitation to the hanging of John Ten Eyck August 1, 1878

Item 2: Blackinton Mill: Daybook (copy 1835)

Item 3: Folder containing correspondence:

Mr. Emory Nash to Valmore A. Whitaker – April 15, 1911
Mr. H.A. Gallup to Valmore A. Whitaker – April 15, 1911
Valmore Whitaker to Mr. H.A. Gallup, Esq. – April 17, 1911
Mr. Whitaker to Mr. Emory Nash – April 17, 1911
Item 4:

Letter: A. Potter Esq. to Mrs. J.C. Goodrich – December 5, 1898 describing circumstances of finding an issue of the Richmond, Virginia Newspaper.
Two Page Newspaper from the final days of the Civil War brought back to North Adams as a souvenir of A. Potter – Dailey Enquirer, Richmond, Virginia dated April 1, 1865.
Item 5: Folder containing miscellaneous items:

Clipping from a postcard from the 1896 National Exhibition addressed to a North Adams resident “Swain?” stamped and post marked in Geneva Switzerland.
A roughly cut 4 13/16 x 3 3/16 cardstock map of Palestine with enlarged insert of Jerusalem area, published by Colton Zahm & Roberts, New York.
A 7 ¼ x 4 ¾ plate of four maps: Ancient Jerusalem, Rome, Syria and the eastern Mediterranean, possibly removed from a book and related to a text regarding Paul’s second journey. Has a copyright date of 1896 by Geo. May Powell.
Handwritten poem entitled “My Bird” by Emily Judson.
Handwritten manuscript entitled “Priam King of Troy” seems to be a listing of his children as well as other Trojan and Grecian commanders.
Another handwritten manuscript entitled “Priam King of Troy” with similar notations and on the reverse are questions and answers to related to Priam and Helen of Troy.
A pamphlet consisting of 16 pages entitled Shall We Meet Beyond the River by H.L. Hastings, editor of “The Christian” and includes advertising other books by Hastings. Undated.
A yellow order form dated February 9, 1900 for mail order subscribers to the Buffalo Express newspaper from Buffalo, New York.
Partial newspaper article possibly from the Buffalo Express, undated, regarding the Pan American Exhibition in Buffalo in 1901.
Document printed on the letterhead of Theodore E. Busfield, D.D., First Congregational Church, North Adams, MA, dated November 7, 1905. It is a questionnaire of “intelligent men” on social issued and the church.
Pamphlet of an address given by John Leland in Cheshire, MA on July 5, 1830 entitled Times, Men, Measures and Religion on the separation of church and state. Published in Pittsfield and printed by Phinehas Allen and Sons. (John Leland was a Baptist minister in Massachusetts and Virginia and was an important figure in the struggle for religious liberty in the United States.)
Clipping of red, pink, yellow etc. roses cut from the cover of a mailorder catalog for seeds and bulbs.
Item 6: Empty for Now (10/2008)

Item 7: Folder of Municipal Papers:

Receipt of water bill payment from Wm. M. Mitchell, 1850.
Permit for Martin Jewitt to hook into sewer, 1885.
Permit for Martin C. Jewitt to hook into sewer, 1883.
Receipt for water bill payment from Mr. A. Wells, 1854.
Receipt for postage payment from Mr. A. Wells, 1853.
Item 8: Folder of Programs from Balls and Dances:

Invitation from Second Regiment, Company F for their Second Annual Ball at Armory Hall in North Adams on February 14, 1879.
Invitation to Second Annual Hospital Ball at Wilson House in North Adams, on December 16, 1885.
Invitation to Washington’s Birthday Ball at Burbank’s Hall, Pittsfield, February 22, 1850.
Invitation to George W. Paul to a Thanksgiving Ball at the Lafayette House, November 24, 1841.
Invitation to William Hodskins to a Union Ball at the Hall of T.M. Manchester in Adams South Village, November 25, (No Year )
Invitation to Union Ball at the Lafayette House, South Adams, March 21, 1844.
Invitation to Union Ball at the Hall of William Waterman on January 22, 1840.
Item 9: Folder of Receipts:

Farmers & Merchance (sic) Bank, from Thomas Robinson 1841.
Adams Bank from Daniel Jenks for credit to Thomas Robinson, 1841.
Weekly Transcript from Adolphus Wells, 1849
Weekly Transcript from Truman Paul, 1847
Weekly Transcript from William M. Mitchell, 1850
Post Office from A. Wells, 1862
Post Office from Joel P. Cady, 1862.
Item 10: Folder of Rewards of Merit from School

Issued to Miss Mary Chase by Samuel Ingalls
Issued to Miss Mary S. Chase by S.H. French
Issued to Miss Mary Chase by T. Cottsell
Issued to Miss Mary Chase by T. Cottsell
Item 11: Folder containing 6 playing-sized cards with two 33-star American flags on one side and stamped patriotic images on the other. 33 star flags were July 4, 1859-July 3, 1861.

Item 12: Items found in Ledger of Applications to North Adams Fire District

Letter to Frank S. Richardson Esq., dated November 26, 1890 from State Library of Mass – Boston.
Invoice to Williamstown Manufacturing Co., Williamstown, MA dated July 24, 1886 for pipe expansion.
Invoice to Arnold Print Works from North Adams Fire District dated December 3, 1888 for water rights.
Item 13: City Seal with Hoosac Tunnel, 1895.

Item 14: Correspondence and News Articles related to Demolition and Tag Sale of the Fitch House 1981-1982.

Item 15: Ft. Massachusetts Historical Society Documents.

Item 16: 1843 Program of Exhibition by pupils of the “Academy.”

Item 17: Pocket Map of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island (1850/1860).

Item 18: Program for Autumn Festival, October 1890 for the benefit of the North Adams Hospital.

Item 19: Souvenir Program of President McKinley’s visit to North Adams, June 26, 1899.

Item 20: Misc. Manuscripts:

Letter from Mrs. H.E. Conrad on letterhead from the Richmond Hotel to Evelyn Edwards of Atlantic City, NJ dated June 26, 1925.
Letter from C.W. Hinman, watchmaker and jeweler to Mrs. Goodrich dated October 28, 1898 regarding antique coins and watches.
Letter from Chester M. Dawes of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR Company to A.W. Smith, Esq., dated September 16, 1913.
Letter from Thomas Robinson, Esq., dated April 27, 1860 or 1840 re: Receivorship of South Adams Bank.
Deed from Joseph Barbers from Vermont to Josiah Tuttle of Vermont dated May 16, 1809.