Harry Amato Collection

Box List For the Harold Amato Collection

This collection consists of two file folders in one narrow document box.

Mr. Amato was a Mason, and many of the materials within this collection pertain to the Masons and the Masonic Temple in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Notes & Recollections

Grand Master visitation on Saturday, April 28, 1979

Brochures, Booklets, Programs, Instructions, Regulations, etc.

Mortgage Burning Ceremony, Masonic Temple, North Adams, Mass. Sept. 6, 1986
50th Anniversary of the Dedication
Ritual for Lodge qualification
Treatise on Selection and Registration of Masons’ Marks
Master’s Agenda – a Reference Guide
Freemasonry – A Way of Life
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts . . . 1980
Program 1982-1983
Fourth Class of Instruction – 1975
Candidate Instruction Manuals, various purposes and years