Butterflies: Habits & Habitats
April 18, 2018 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM @ 3rd floor Community Room

Jerry Schneider presents a beautiful slide presentation of Eastern butterflies.  Audiences will learn about the difference between butterflies and moths, where to find butterflies, how to attract butterflies to gardens, and how to create and maintain butterfly habitat. We will learn interesting butterfly facts and behaviors as well as look at the amazing Monarch migration!  After the slide show, children will create their own butterfly tee shirts (heavy, 100% cotton) using a combination of fabric dye sprays, plants, and butterfly cut outs. Children may purchase heavy cotton shirts for $4.00 at the event, or bring their own.  Call the Youth Services Department at 413-662-3133, ext. 14 for more.  Made possible with support from the Friends of the North Adams Public Library.

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