Curbside Pickup

Steps for Curbside pick up of library materials:

  1. Check the catalog: Search for the item(s) you want. We are now able to acquire items from (most) other CW MARS libraries. ComCat is still not available.
  2. Submit a request: The best way to request an item is to place a hold in the catalog. You can also call for assistance (413.662.3133) If you do not have specific items in mind (“I just want a few mysteries.”) please call. For adult items, use extension 13, for children’s and teen items, ex. 14.
  3. Pick up: We will call you to arrange a time. In general, our own available items ordered by noon will be ready the next weekday unless they are in quarantine. (We are quarantining items for three days after they are returned.) Pick up hours are M-W & F: 11-1; Th: 4-5:30
  4. Delivery: The Spitzer Center van will deliver during our Wed. and Fri. pickup times. This is an option for residents of North Adams and Clarksburg, whether you are a Senior or not. They can also pick up any returns you have for the library. Talk to us when we call about your holds!

A note about due dates: Due to our process for curbside service, your library items will be checked out at least one day – maybe more – before you actually pick them up. This means you won’t have them for a full loan period before they are due back again. But don’t worry! Until things are back to normal, we will not be charging overdue fees. So if you still need a few days to finish up, call us or renew online… or just return it a few days late. We’re ok with that!

Curbside print pick up: While we can not yet make our computers and copiers available, you CAN print from home or your phone, and pick up curbside! See instructions here for printing from your computer or phone – you can even do it directly from an email. Your printout will be placed in an envelope with your email address written on the outside.


We suggest calling for confirmation before you come to pick up print outs. While most show up in our print system within minutes, occasionally they will take more than an hour to transmit. Print jobs sent by 10 AM (3PM on Thu) should be ready the same day at curbside pick up times. (M-W & F: 11-1; Th: 4-5:30)



Now that we’re a couple weeks into curbside service, we thought we’d send some updates and clarifications, based on the questions we’ve been getting over the phone.

I just checked my account online, and it says my holds are available. Can I come get them?  When we check items in, the computer knows they are now available, and your account will reflect that. However, we are quarantining items for at least three days (recommended by a recent study) so there may be a lag in filling holds. We will call you when the item is clean and ready for you, so make sure your phone number is up to date in your record.

I just checked my account online, and it says the books I returned this morning are still checked out to me. What’s up with that?  Our process has changed a bit to streamline it for our staff. We empty the book drop first thing in the morning. Then if we have time (and sometimes we don’t!) we empty it again at the end of the day. So it may take up to 24 hours for us to check in your returns. Don’t worry – even if they are overdue at that point, we will not be charging fines for the foreseeable future.

I heard delivery is starting up again soon! Can I get materials from other libraries? Delivery is now available to and from all but a small number of libraries in MA. ComCat will likely not resume until some time in September.  As of this writing, we are still not sending or receiving materials through interlibrary delivery. The company that manages deliveries all over the state is starting to clear the enormous (and I mean ENORMOUS) backlog of items in their warehouses, as well as the items that have been returned over the last 4 months and need to go to their home libraries. Once that is cleared, then we can start sending new holds. It will likely be a few weeks, however, before we get the go-ahead.

I really need to make copies and/or print!  We can help with printing, but unfortunately not copies. You can print from your home computer or mobile device using our Mobile Print service. We can receive a print job up to an hour before our Curbside hours, and will place it in an envelope, labeled with your email address, along with the day’s other pickups. As far as printing goes, one place we know can do it is the UPS Store in Colonial Plaza on Rt. 2.

I miss the library! I miss browsing the shelves! Everyone else is opening, when will the library be open again?  This is the most difficult one to answer, because we want to be open too. The short answer: We don’t know when we’ll open again, and when we do it will look different.

The long answer: We are different from a restaurant or a grocery store, in that when you go to one of those places, you get what you need, and you go home. In a restaurant you sit in one place, often outside, and your table is sanitized when you leave. In a store, you may touch one other orange before picking the one you want, and then you can go home and wash all your fruit. People wander all over a library, and when they browse books, they may touch many before making a selection, leafing through all the pages. We would need to limit the number of people here at the same time, spread out computers and sanitize them between every use. We don’t have the staff to count people at the door the way WalMart does or follow people around sanitizing keyboards.

There are state reopening standards we need to adhere to, and we are talking to City Hall every week about how to do these things safely for our staff, and for our patrons. So another short answer is: We miss you and will be open as soon as we can!