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February Featured E-Resource

Featured e-resources for FebruaryThe NAPL has so much to offer besides books – we’ve decided to showcase some of our online resources starting this month.

Our A-Z databases provide fascinating information about our country, about the world, and about world food.

What languages are spoken in Holland? What type of government does Mongolia use, and what does it take to become a citizen? Find out in A-Z The World. Are you traveling to Uruguay, and want to try out some of the local dishes before you go? Use recipes from A-Z World Food. Or check out A-Z USA to learn about the demographics of Iowa.

Cool fact: when you look up a country in A-Z The World, it will provide the current date, time, and weather in the capital city. (As I write this it is 41 degrees and sunny at 3:30 in the afternoon in Dublin, Ireland!)

You can access all this information through our website. Click on the E-Resources Menu and have your library card handy to log in!

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The Boys of St. Joe’s ’65 in the Vietnam War – Author Reading & Signing

Saturday, January 18 from 10am to 2pm, join us at the new Historical Society Museum at the Holiday Inn to hear Dennis G. Pregent read from his new book, The Boys of St. Joe’s ’65 in the Vietnam War

Book cover

Publisher’s description: Eleven high school friends in idyllic North Adams, Massachusetts, enlisted to serve in Vietnam, and one stayed behind to protest the war. All were from patriotic, working-class families, all members of the class of 1965 at Saint Joseph’s School. Dennis Pregent was one of them. He and his classmates joined up—most right out of school, some before graduating—and endured the war’s most vicious years. Seven served in the Army, three in the Marine Corps, and one in the Navy. After fighting in a faraway place, they saw the trajectories of their lives dramatically altered. One died in combat, another became paralyzed, and several still suffer from debilitating conditions five decades later. Inspired by his 50th high school reunion, Pregent located his classmates, rekindled friendships, and—together, over hours of interviews—they remembered the war years.

Books will be available for purchase at the discounted rate of $20, and the author will be available for signing.

This event is sponsored by the North Adams Historical Society and the NAPL.