Monthly Archives: March 2019

Access On Demand adds 169 new titles

If you haven’t experienced “Access On Demand” look under E-Resources and sign up with your valid library card for a host of informational films designed for inquiring minds. Featured this month —ten engineering projects that changed the course of American history. Or ace your “Women’s History Month” term paper by discovering some truly unique American ladies.access

MassHire satellite office

Beginning February 6, MassHire will be holding office hours in the library’s cafe on the first floor from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesdays. We are pleased to partner with MassHire and hope their presence here will support our patrons and residents who may be  looking for work, polishing their resumes, or looking for other employment support. Library patrons are still welcome to read the local papers or select magazines from the cafe but we politely request that you do not use the room for family visits, lengthy phone calls or other types of meetings on that day. You are welcome to take magazines and newspapers into other areas of the library. masshire