BYKI is now Transparent Language

Need to learn a new language in a hurry? Traveling to some exotic spot, or just want to keep your brain exercised? The old language learning system BYKI is now transformed into a faster platform designed for smartphones and tablets. If you already take language classes on BYKI, your progress will be migrated to the new look and feel. If you haven’t taken a language course, check it out at

Mock Newbery

Be part of the fun. On February 2, the Newbery/Caldecott Medals for excellence in children’s literature will be announced at the American Library Association’s mid-winter meeting. But you can get the jump on them by voting in the Mass. Library Association’s “Mock Newbery” election. Haven’t read any of these? You might want to pick up a copy and see what the fuss is about. These are the best of the best among books published for young people in the past year. Newbery is the literature award and Caldecott is usually for the best illustrated (combined with story) to enchant our youngest readers into a life time of reading pleasure. Look for the announcement here.
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“Stories from the Vault”


In 1946, Don Raina took what was to become his first professional shot in a 60-year career photography career.¬† Only 16 years old at the time, he climbed Coca Cola ledge (braving the legendary Bigfoot that’s rumored to haunt the adjoining woods) to take a series of still shots on 4 x 5 film. Stitched together seamlessly, his photo holds a place of honor in our Reference Department. Don called from his retirement home in California a few weeks ago to check on the photo he donated to the library and shared many happy memories of his boyhood home. To see it up close and personal, look above the Mass. General Law bookcase in the Local History section of our second floor Reference Department.